Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween far :)

It's been a while my friends, welcome back to my Mommy Blog :)

So now I'm officially a single Mom. Great. I never wanted this, I don't think any adult really does. I am thankful however that Chris and I have been able to finally stand each other long enough to be a team for C.J.

C.J's doing well. He's sitting on his own and playing on his own. His favorite toys are telephones and Mommy's laptop. He particularly likes to Skype with Mommy's friends. He doesn't talk much and he isn't crawling. But he will stand up on his own and try to take a few steps. He misses me when I leave and treats everything like a drum that needs a good beating. He still refuses to feed himself, although I've seen him do it on multiple occasions. Did I mention, he is cuter than cute can be. No, seriously, I mean I know I'm Mommy and all... but C.J is SO DAMN HANDSOME! He gets it from his Mama ;)

I've dated some fine young fellows since Chris. Most of them can't handle that I have a kid. I mean, not for nothing, but not many people in their late 20's early 30's don't have children? Good luck bastardos. The latest one really took the cake. He fed me all this bullshit about how much he loved me and wanted to make a great life for me and blah blah blah only to find out he couldn't handle that there is another man in my life. No, not C.J... Chris. SERIOUSLY?! Apparently his son's mother and him hate each other like poison and he didn't see how Chris and I could have such a "good relationship" and that we must still love each other. He didn't understand how we planned things for the three of us to do as a family. I'm sorry, but if going to public places with my baby daddy and son make you uneasy or insecure... I don't want to be with your dumb ass.

Chris and I won't ever work out as a couple, but he put it best "You don't need a family, you already have a family. My son, me, my family ... we are your family. What you need and want is a relationship." I hate it when that fucker makes sense.

So I guess this is it. The storm, for the most part, has passed.

It's Halloween time! YAY! I decorated the door and Mom n I carved pumpkins. Chris and I took C.J to the pumpkin patch n took pictures. Today Mom, C.J and I are going to the zoo for their Halloween deal then to the block party tonight. Then on Halloween Daddy and I are taking CJ to  Gulfstream and where ever to go trick or treating. I'll post some pictures after all is said and done.

What are you doing for Halloween?