Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Good evening readers! Out of all the things I gave up when I found out I was pregnant, not many of them returned... except one. I was a hardcore LUSHIE. For those of you who are not in the know, Lush is a Canadian bath product company that makes all natural and super yummy products. I would spend hundreds of dollars on bath bombs and soaps and lotions and soak in an amazing bubble bath almost every night and still had a stock pile of product that I knew I would never go through. Now, don't ever think that this single working mom of a 17-month old boy has ANY time for baths, but my son sure does. In fact he gets a bath every see where I'm going with this don't you. I have to say out of all my pre-pregnancy habits, being a Lushie has been my son's favorite by far. Every night he plays in lovely smelly bubbles and colored bath water sometimes playing with glitter and sometimes playing with confetti. All this has led me to a different way of thinking about raising my son. When you were a kid I'm sure you would react to something your parents would do with "I will never do that to my kid." Well what were the things that your parents did for you that you can't wait to do for your kids? I have decided to concentrate on raising my son in the positivity of being an American kid. MY American kid. For so long I would think that being a Mom is super serious business and in that, I forgot how to play. Playing is essential to learning and crucial to proper development. I mean parenting is important, but who says it can't be fun and engaging? It's time to no longer care about what's "normal" and be silly and amazing in my son's eyes. After all, I see the woman I need to be in my son's eyes :)