Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On my journey to the body, mind and life I want....

...I have been researching the latest and greatest in scientific knowledge on what (foods, activities, behaviors) is good for us.... and wouldn't you know it.. I have been gorging out on sugar and hopelessly depressed. I know what to do. I know exactly what I need to do to be the person I want to be, but for some reason, I can't get out of this "dream" phase. Then while watching Dr.Oz today he had a shrink on the show that said something that sort of made sense. It was something along the lines of using the "pain" associated with healthier foods and exercise as fuel instead of a deterrent. That's all good and well, and maybe that's why I am so afraid to continue. Maybe because it's just easier to be sedentary and eat whatever I please. I was eating a Klondike bar today when Chris came over to make dinner. "Geez, eating those again?" Was what he said rude? Sure. But WTF! I was EATING THOSE AGAIN! I know better... WTF! So as per usual, I hit the internet (of course not without finishing my klondike) with the initial attempt to find some more information on a program I should go on. Like I said I know better, I guess I was trying to find some inspiration and I stumbled across the Paleo-Diet. I had heard of it before and in fact the only times I had ever been successful at losing weight was following a variation of this way of nutrition. It makes sense to me. Check it out:

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So needless to say this is my first entry on my new conquest in life: To live MY BEST LIFE!!!

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