Sunday, February 13, 2011

Things this New Mother can and can't live without!!!!!!

-Wipes warmer. I guess if you do have the space, go for it... but generally they just take up space and turn your wipes brown :/
-Moby Wraps. Not for smaller or newborn babies and too much assembly required for each use

-Bottle warmer!! Especially one that automatically turns off when your bottle is ready.
-Sling... no doubt the one item that saved my sanity. Keeps baby close and your hands free to take care of things around the house.
-Hand Sanitizer. keep a bottle in every place you may change the diaper or entertain or feed your baby.
-Lots of Blankets!!!! Warm ones for cold nights, receiving blankets for well... everything. Stay away from hand knitted blankets where the stitch is too open... little fingers and toes can get caught in an open weave and cause a 3 am screamfest you can do without.
-Something that cradles, swings and entertains your baby. We lucked out and have two swings and a mobile for CJ which have proven to be invaluable. He has a Fisher Price under water themed swing that has wave noises that soothe mom too :)
-Bottle and nipple sterilizer... if you're strictly breast feeding then I guess not... but you will give up... eventually. lol
-COMPRESSION!!!!!! A Compression belt other than the horridly itchy one they give you in the hospital. I recommend a Belly Bandit, I'm soon going to invest in a Mother Tucker too. :) Compression socks for postpartum leg swelling is a must.
-Cortisone creme. Your skin will itch after you get the good drugs for delivery... like hell. But If you're anything like me, my belly skin itches as everything is going back to normal ( i gained 72 lbs during pregnancy, but no stretch marks THANK GODDESS!) The Cortisone creme helps me not tear my skin off, but eventually I got a prescription itch creme when I developed PUPPP. Benedryl helps some moms and is safe when you're breast feeding, but it didn't do shit for me. LOL.
-Calcium! Especially if you're breast feeding. I get mine with milk and cheese but I guess you can supplement too... ask your OB first tho. I know when I'm getting drained when my teeth hurt. Listen to your body ladies!
-Mommy's Happy Place. It's okay to lock yourself in the closet for 15 minutes to decompress, just remember, if there's no fever your baby is fine... you just have to figure out what they need and the only way to do that is to stay calm.

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