Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My capacity as a Mother.

Today was one of those days that tested my patience and capability as MOM.  I accomplished so much today and I'm not exhausted as I am proud of myself. I woke up this morning, showered, got CJ ready and took him to his Dad's then went to school. Took two tests: scored a 99% on one and a 95% on the other then had lunch with Alana. I then went home and spent damn near 3 hours on the phone with Medicaid and Molina Heath Care and about 15 pediatricians from all over Miami, but I finally got a free check up and free shots for CJ.  I then packed my WIC checks, my food stamps and an ass load of coupons and went grocery shopping. I got almost $400 in groceries for $35 including some beautiful flowers to brighten up the house a little bit. Then I picked up CJ, made some soup and CJ's bananas and we ate together for the first time. Then he helped me clean up, I bathed him and put him down to bed. He's such a good boy. Once I'm done with this blog, I'll be doing homework, the dishes and bathing. And FINALLY going to bed.

Today was a good day. But not as good as last night....

I had my first sex dream without Chris in it. And it was WAY hot :) As long as my subconscious keeps it up, I think I'll be A-O-K. lol

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