Thursday, December 8, 2011


The new year is almost upon us, and like any normal human being, I'm thinking of my goals.

I really wanted to run the img marathon this year, but my endurance is shot and my back pain has only gotten worse. To be frank with you, it's because I didn't train as hard as I needed to. I'm really disappointed in myself. I can run a 9 minute mile, and maybe only do about 3 miles before I feel like passing out and vomiting. No bueno. So I will take this year to really train. I mean being able to run the marathon before my son turns 1 was indeed a lofty goal. But I can proudly say I have lost 61 lbs to date. Which, is pretty damn good., and there will always be 2013... lol. God seems like a life time away doesn't it?

I'm finally getting back to the way I used to eat and exercise BC (before chris) and I like it. I need to get rid of all this old baggage and bullshit I accumulated in that god forsaken relationship and move on. Maybe not like I was before, because I'm better and faster and smarter and well, a MOM now. But I do need to move on.  I accomplished a lot this year and I am so proud of myself. I gave birth to a beautiful, smart, happy little boy, finished school, started two businesses and continued to work part time while being a Mom. I never in a million years thought I would actually be proud of myself like I am right now.

So what can I do to make 2012 better??
Well assuming that the 14 lbs I want to lose by the new year do come off, I'd like to lose another 50-60 lbs. I'd like to maintain my diet and exercise more often and at a higher intensity. If my training goes well the next few weeks I may just enter the img half marathon. We'll see... no pressure. But I will for sure enter the 2013 IMG marathon. I'll reward myself every 10 lbs I lose by allowing myself to purchase a new outfit. Every 20 lbs I will reward myself with a new tattoo or new shoes :) yea I like that !!!! When I reach my 60lb mark I will give myself a vacation where I can wear nothing but a bikini all day and night long :) lol YES! I will also be diligent about getting my health insurance back on track and maintaining my yearly OB, PCP, optometry and dermatology visits and my dentist appointments every 6 months. I will also maintain a pedicure and manicure 2 times a week on my own and once a month at a salon or spa. I will also get a massage or acupuncture treatment and a facial once every two months. I need to start treating myself right so I can be the best I can be!

I will have a solid savings for a new home for me and CJ, even if we're not moved in by the end of the year, I'd like to seriously be looking for a home and move in for my 30th birthday in 2013. The home will be on a little bit of land so I can grow food and flowers and have plenty of room for CJ to grow. I will also dedicate one hour a night every night to cleaning the house and getting organized. I will cook dinner at least 3 times a week and wean CJ off of bottled processed baby foods and onto wholesome real food.

I will work towards a promotion at Hard Rock and save money to build up my two companies. I will complete a solid business plan for a bakery and salon and start looking for investors by the end of the year. I will keep a detailed calender with time dedicated to all my ventures. I will also open up official websites for my companies.

I will spend as much time as humanly possible with CJ. I will spend one on one time with at least one friend a week. I will volunteer once a month in my community. I will start to draw and paint again, and create as much as I can. I will take time to be grateful for at least one thing in my life everyday. And I will not allow any BD drama into my life.

2012 will be the end of life as I know it and the beginning of Life as I Deserve It! 

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