Sunday, December 4, 2011

What I deserve...

... the ability to provide my own safe, clean, loving home for my son
... the ability to make good money doing something I love
... the normal luxuries of American life
... a man who isn't going to be concerned about my FB relationship status
... a man who understands that yes, I'm a mother, but I am also a woman
... to be appreciated for my talents
... to be organized and clean and free of mental and physical clutter
... to be paid what I'm worth
... a man who isn't going to even hint at having unprotected sex with me
... to have the financial security to be able to have a plan B
... to make my dreams come true
... a man who loves and appreciates me for me and can look beyond the complications of my life's bad decisions be an amazing Mother, Daughter, Wife and Friend live my life according to my rules and not how others' think I should be treated as an equal in a relationship be able to give back to my mother be drama free
... peace in my life and in my son's life grow old surrounded by love not be haunted by my former self be forgiven
... what do you deserve?...

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