Monday, November 29, 2010


That's it! I'm doing it.

I have been so invested in so much with work, my relationship with Phatty, my family that I'm just saying screw it all! I'm not everyone's mama! I'm CJ's mama, and he deserves to be stress free. So I'm quitting it all! Well, not entirely... lol.

Tonight I passed the torch of responsibility for  the joint baby shower Hard Rock is throwing Laura and I. I hate that I got dragged into doing something I really have no place in doing. Tomorrow I will be resigning as HRC Miami Ambassador President. I'm not leaving them high and dry, but I can barely gather the strength to attend meetings much less put forth the effort that I should in organizing events.

I have come to certain terms with my relationship with Phatty, one of them is keeping my mouth shut. I have my friend as my sounding board and google for and well of course this blog. I've also learned that we each need to be heard, and if we're both screaming, who's listening? Oh that's right... CJ. No Fair. Phatty doesn't want to go to couples counseling anymore, doesn't mean I don't have to deny myself the privilege of seeking a therapist. I think Hard Rock can help me with that too. I need to date me for a while.

My friends have been pretty awesome, distant, but awesome. I don't blame them, I'm still trying to figure this whole thing out too.

I'm tired of people wanting to stand up and saying they will, then I have to pick up their slack. I'm sorry, I'm making a human being here. Then, when I'm done with that I have to raise that human being into a well adjusted socially responsible American man, thankyouverymuch. I don't have time to babysit grown ass people or deal with their lame ass drama. No thanks :)

Not to say this all hasn't been a blast, it's just time for me to start a new chapter.

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